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Food Machine manufacturer produced by Guangzhou DaLong CNC Machinery Technology Co.Ltd is eye-catching. Designed by the experts in the industry, it is famous for its exquisite and tasteful appearance. With a relatively scientific structure, it is very pragmatic. In addition, it is produced in strict accordance with international production standard and has passed international certifications, thus, its quality is completely guaranteed.DaLong Machine products have helped us to gain greater revenues in recent years. They are produced with high cost-performance ratio and appealing appearance, leaving a deep impression on customers. From the feedback of customers, our products are able to bring them increasing benefits, which results in the sales growth. Most customers claim that we have been their top choice in the industry.Our focus has always been, and will always be, on service competitiveness. Our goal is to provide the highest quality products at a fair price. We maintain a full staff of engineers dedicated to the field and house state-of-art equipment in our factory. This combination allows DaLong CNC Machine to provide consistent and always high-quality standard products, hence maintaining strong service competitiveness.
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[SQL Basic] Let's Find Out the Movie Genres by Joining Tables!  SQL INNER JOIN
[SQL Basic] Let's Find Out the Movie Genres by Joining Tables! SQL INNER JOIN
#13. Marketing/Data Analysis for Beginners#Glossary:Lesson 3: SELECT / FROM / WHERE Lesson 4: ORDER BYLesson 5: AND / OR / INLesson 6: LIKELesson 7: AS /DISTINCT / IS NULLLesson 9: COUNT / SUMLesson 10: AVG / MAX / MINLesson 11: GROUP BY / HAVINGLesson 12: CASE JOIN: select and combine columns that have matching values in 2 tablesWe've learned many things so far and covered most of the basics of SQL. But until now we've only been working on one table at a time. During this tutorial, we will learn how to join tables to provide an upgrade for data analytics!#Table of ContentsQuery 1. Let's combine the by country_id!(check the data in the columns country_id, country, city_id, city)SELECT country.country_id, country.country, city.city_id, city.city FROM country INNER JOIN city ON country.country_id=city.country_id;Query 2. Let's combine 3 tables by field_id and category_id and sort the results by film_id! (check the data in file_id, title, category_id, name)SELECT film.film_id, film.title, film_category.category_id, category.name FROM film INNER JOIN film_category ON film.film_id = film_category.film_id INNER JOIN category ON film_category.category_id = category.category_id ORDER BY film_id ASC;#JOINQ1. Let's combine the by country_id!(check the data in country_id, country, city_id, city)SELECT (column name/the table you want to see that column from 'table.column') FROM (table1) INNER JOIN (table2) ON (table1.column name) = (table2.column name)First, we need to understand the concept of joining the country and city tables. If we look at the country table, we can see the columns country ID, country name, and last update. The city table has the columns city ID, city name, country ID, and another last update.As you can see, both tables have the column country_id in common. They also have last_update in common but while the name is the same, the information differs. This information only refers to when the data in each column was created or changed. So be aware that while the column names are identical, the data is different in both tables and we can not use the information in these columns to combine the tables. We're only going to focus on country_id.If you need to check the desired data of two tables at once without switching back and forth between them, then JOIN is the query to use. There are several types of JOIN queries. For our basic SQL series, we will first cover INNER JOIN and later on, OUTER (LEFT/RIGHT) JOIN.The "INNER JOIN" that we're going to cover today basically combines tables based on common data, and creates a new table with the combined data. combinedAlright, let's try to make this table. First, write down the name of the column you want to see after SELECT. We're going to do this a little differently this time. Before when we used only one table, we wrote our query like this:SELECT country_idBut now that we're using two different tables that have the same column name, we need to identify which table we want information from:SELECT country.country_idLet's distinguish between the two by labeling them first. For the country table, we should write it as country.country_id, country.country and the city table would be city.city_id, city.city.️ The FROM query is a little different too. We need to state specifically which table to search first, then add in that we want to combine (JOIN) the second table. Like this:FROM country INNER JOIN city If you write JOIN instead of INNER JOIN, you will get the same result. But because we will learn OUTER JOIN later, we want to make a clear distinction here that there is a difference between the two. So let's stick to INNER JOIN.We need one more step before we run our query! Using the ON query, we're going to specify the tables and the column name they have in common. We mentioned before that the only column they have in common is country_id, so let's use that in our query like this:ON country.country_id = city.country_id;Your final query will look like this:SELECT country.country_id, country.country, city.city_id, city.city FROM country INNER JOIN city ON country.country_id = city.country_id;But this looks a little... busy... doesn't it? We can clean up our query easily by renaming our tables into something more manageable. We're going to use alphabet A and B for this example. Instead of using country for the country table we will just use a, and for the city table we will use b.️ We learned how to use AS to rename columns in tutorial 7. Now let's go over how to do this for tables. We can set alias by just writing the new name after the old one, which we clarify in the FROM query. There are 3 ways to do this in SQLGate: FROM country AS a FROM country a FROM country "a"️ Before we can use this alias, we need to turn the shortcut on in SQLGate. You can do this by going to Tools > Options > SQLEditor > Options (Editor Options) > Autocomplete > under the SQLAutoComplete menu > From > Add alias > abc.. - If you need visual guidance, check out our video at the end of this tutorial!Good job! Now although we clarify it with FROM, we can use first with SELECT to make our query easier and cleaner. We're going to use in this example. Check out the picture below to see the cleaner version of our query!SELECT a.country_id, a.country, b.city_id, b.city FROM country a INNER JOIN city b ON a.country_id = b.country_id;Q2. Let's combine 3 tables by film_id and category_id and sort the results by film_id! (check the data in file_id, title, category_id, name)SELECT (column name/the table you want to see that column from 'table.column') FROM (table1) INNER JOIN (table2) ON (table1.column name) = (table2.column name) INNER JOIN (table3) ON (table2.column name) = (table3.column name)Next let's try using a common column to combine three tables. This time we're going to use the tables film, film_category, and category.The basic structure here is the same as query 1. But since there are many tables and columns, let's break them down one by one.First, write down the table and column name of the data you want to see after SELECT. The table name always comes first, followed by a period (.):SELECT film.film_id, film.title, film_category.category_id, category.nameThen we need to write the first table name (film) after FROM and indicate that we want a combination with INNER JOIN followed by the name of the second table (film_category). To add the 3rd table, just add another INNER JOIN followed by the third table name (category)!FROM film INNER JOIN film_category INNER JOIN categoryBut wait!! ️ Where do we plug in ON? We can't combine the ON query at the end, since we're calling on data from two different locations. So separate them by placing two different ON queries after their respective INNER JOINs.INNER JOIN film_category ON film.film_id=film_category.film_idandINNER JOIN category ON film_category.category_id=category.category_id You can also add in some organization by using ORDER BY file_id ASCYour final query should look like this:SELECT film.film_id, film.title, film_category.category_id, category.name FROM film INNER JOIN film_category ON film.film_id=film_category.film_id INNER JOIN category ON film_category.category_id=category.category_id ORDER BY film_id ASC;️ Let's try using alias here as well. We can clarify the names in the FROM query, and use them in the SELECT query.SELECT a.film_id, a.title, b.category_id, c.name FROM film a INNER JOIN film_category b ON a.film_id=b.film_id INNER JOIN category c ON b.category_id=c.category_id ORDER BY a.film_id ASC; Don't forget to specify a in the ORDER BY query as well!#Practice TimeCombine the country, city, and address tables using the country_id and city_id columns, then filter the information to only see addresses in South Korea!This example sentence is similar to the one we provided in the 6th tutorial, where we ran three different queries to find out information about cities in South Korea. This was before INNER JOIN, so we had to look up the results in 3 separate instances. But let's use what we learned today to view the results all at the same time. Start with identifying the table names and columns you want to see. If you want to check which columns the tables have in common, take a look by running SELECT * FROM(table name); - Remember our three table names are country, city, and address. Your query should begin like this:SELECT country.country_id, country.country, city.city_id, city.city, address.district, address.addressNext, we want to combine them all together using FROM for the first table and adding INNER JOIN for the next two. Take a moment to try on your own! Remember to put the table name first, followed by the column you want to combine. We need to remember to distinguish between the two columns with the same name! You can do this by writing the table name first, a period (.) and then the column name.FROM country INNER JOIN city ON country.country_id=city.country_id INNER JOIN address ON city.city_id=address.city_id Before we put it all together, we need to add a filter so that we only see the information for South Korea. We can do this by using the WHERE query!Your final query should look like this!SELECT country.country_id, country.country, city.city_id, city.city, address.district, address.address FROM country INNER JOIN city ON country.country_id=city.country_id INNER JOIN address ON city.city_id=address.city_id WHERE country='South Korea'; If you want to use alias here, it's easy to do! Just remember to specify it in the FROM query like this:FROM country aINNER JOIN city bINNER JOIN address c And you can use it in SELECT like this:SELECT a. country_id, a.country,b.city_id, b.city,c.district, c.address With the ON query, you can just write it as a = b. Like this:ON a.country_id=b.country_idON b.city_id=c.city_id Don't forget to clarify in the WHERE query that you want it be organized by the South Korea present in the country ( a ) table.WHERE a.country='South Korea'; Put it all together like this:SELECT a.country_id, a.country, b.city_id, b.city, c.district, c.address FROM country a INNER JOIN city b ON a.country_id=b.country_id INNER JOIN address c ON b.city_id=c.city_id WHERE a.country='South Korea';Good job!! Check out the video tutorial for a more visual guide on how to use an alias for your tables! # Tutorial Video# [SQL Basic Series] - Marketing/Data Analysis for Beginners1. What is SQL? - Database Introduction2. Downloading SQLGate and Connecting to a Database3. What kind of data is in the 'film' table? - SELECT/FROM/WHERE4. How to sort film lists by price (rental rate)? - ORDER BY5. Can I rent a 3 hour movie for $0.99? - AND/OR/IN6. How can I find a movie that's thrilling? - LIKE7. How to rename columns and see unique values? - AS/DISTINCT/IS NULL8. Let's see Sample Database tables!9. What is the total length of all the films added together? - COUNT/SUM10. What is the average film length? - AVG/MIN/MAX11. How many movies have the same rating? - GROUP BY/HAVING12. Let's designate a value based on the rental duration. - CASE13. Let's find out the movie genres by joining tables! - INNER JOIN14. Let's check movie rentals by the inventory list! - LEFT/RIGHT JOIN15. Let's find customers that have rented movies priced $9.99! - Subquery16. How to work with Date Functions in SQL - DATE_FORMAT, DATEDIFF17. How to work with String Functions in SQL - CONCAT, LENGTH, SUBSTR18. Let's use some Numeric SQL functions - TRUNCATE, ROUND, MOD·RELATED QUESTIONShould children memorize the multiplication tables? If yes, what is the upper limit?Yes. Yes. Yes. As a teacher, I can't emphasize this enough.I am typically anti-memorization. In the calculator/Google age, if you can look it up, it's usually not worth memorizing. Math is not about memorization. It is more important for them to understand the pattern behind the multiplication table than to memorize it.So why memorize? if students don't have basic multiplication facts memorized, it becomes difficult for them to find patterns and understand otherwise simple concepts down the line because they're chained to a calculator, bogged down on the simplest examples. It also makes doing basic division and fractions a real pain.Students should memorize addition 0 through 10 and multiplication 0 through 10. (Later, students should memorize the squares 0 through 10.) Beyond this is pretty worthless in the calculator age.You don't have to drill and kill. There are apps for that. There are games. There are fun ways to do it... but they have to learn it.Yes, you need to build intuition. Yes, you need to give application. Don't kill the joy, but please, please, for the love of all that is good, teach your children their multiplication tables.
The Hottest Questions About Light
Do you want to know about light? Here are some frequently asked questions.1. Phototherapy for Skin and Sleep: Light Treatments for HealthWarm sunshine feels good on your skin. Could a machine that beams rays of light similar to those that come from the sun actually treat health problems? Yes. It's called phototherapy, or light therapy. It uses ultraviolet rays to treat: How Does Light Help SAD and Depression? Seasonal affective disorder happens around the same time each year. It usually starts in late fall and ends in the spring. The lack of natural light could make you more likely to get depressed. If you are, you might notice these symptoms: Low mood most of the day Hard to get along with others Heavy feeling in your arms or legs Scientists do not fully understand how light therapy affects your mood if you have SAD. But we do know that bright light kick-starts an internal clock in your brain that controls certain biological rhythms (you might hear them called circadian rhythms) over the course of a day. One function of that brain clock is to manage your mood. What Devices Are Available? You can choose from tabletop sunlamps or light boxes that put out a wide arc of light. They are different from light boxes used to treat skin conditions -- they put out very little UV light. But they are not regulated by the FDA or approved for SAD treatment. That means your doctor can recommend one, but they can not write you a prescription. Most insurance wo not cover the cost. Provides exposure to 10,000 lux of light (A lux is a unit of illumination.) Puts out as little UV light as possible Use the light box in the morning for about 20 minutes. Sit so the light hits your face. Do not stare into it -- you can read, watch TV, use the computer, etc. Start in the fall and keep going until spring.2. Difference in autonomic nervous effect of blue light depending on the angle of incidence on the eyeThe present study was performed according to the protocol approved by the Ethics Review Committee of Nagoya City University Graduate School of Medical Sciences and Nagoya City University Hospital (approved No. 60160164). We studied eight subjects (mean age SD, 22 3 year, seven males and a female) who had normal color vision, were not taking any medications for > 2 weeks, and displayed a normal sinus rhythm on electrocardiogram (ECG) at rest. All subjects gave their written informed consent to participate in this study. An organic electroluminescent (OEL) lighting devise developed for research purposes was used. The device consisted of four OEL panels (VELVE OLED Lighting Module with adjustable RGB color and brightness, 55 55 mm square, Mitsubishi Chemical Pioneer OLED Lighting Corporation, Tokyo, Japan) that were linearly aligned with two panels at the both sides inclining inward with an angle of 40. Using a custom-made experimental frame, the lighting device was secured at a constant distance of 24 cm from the eyes of subject lying on a bed in the supine position so that the four OEL panels were aligned across their body axis and able to be moved in their sagittal plane keeping the light axes always facing their eyes (Fig. 1). Although the device was able to emit red, green, and blue in any combinations, only 100% blue light was used in this study. Front illuminance when illuminated from a 90 degree angle of incidence was 15.4 lx at subject's eye position, chromaticity (x, y) was (0.14, 0.16), and the melanopsin-stimulating component that was estimated from the melanoptic spectral efficiency curve adjusted for the effect of human pre-receptoral filtering ,18, were 75% of the total photon flux density (0.377 mol/[m2 s]). The photo-spectrum of blue light is provided as additional Additional file 1: Figure S1. Subjects were instructed not to consume food or beverages containing caffeine or alcohol after 21:00 the previous night. The experiments were performed between 10:00 and 17:00 in a calm, light-shielded, and air-conditioned (24 2 C) laboratory more than 2 h after a light meal. Subjects were laid supine on a bed and instructed to continue to look at the mark on the ceiling just above their heads, and not to look directly the light source, while they were exposed to light. The blue light from the device was exposed for 5 min from each of 6 angles (0, 30, 45, 135, 150, and 180). The angle was determined as the angle between the eye and the midpoint of the centerline of the four OLED panels. The order of the angle was counterbalanced among subjects. There was a 10-min dark interval period after light exposure from each angle. During the experiment including dark and light exposure periods, ECG was recorded continuously with bipolar CM5 lead with a bioelectric amplifier (Biotop mini, East Medic Corporation, Kanazawa, Japan), digitized at 500 Hz with an analog-to-digital converter (AIO-163202FX-USB, CONTEC Corporation, Osaka, Japan), and stored in a hard disk. From ECG data, R-R interval time series were obtained and analyzed separately for heart rate variability (HRV). The time series data were divided into segments of 5-min light exposure and 10-min dark periods for each incident angle. For each segment, mean heart rate (HR), standard deviation of R-R interval (SDNN), and low-frequency (LF, 0.04-0.15 Hz) and the high-frequency (HF, 0.15-0.40 Hz) components of HRV were computed. Statistical analyses system version 9.4 (SAS institute Inc., Cary, NC, USA) was used for the statistical analysis. The Mixed procedure was used for analysis of variance (ANOVA) for repeated measures with incident angle, light-or-dark, and exposure order as the fixed effects and subject as the random effect. According to the guideline of HRV analysis , the power of LF and LH component was transformed into logarithmic value to normalize the distribution. P
What Are Some Less Known Laws From Your Country Everyone Should Be Aware Of?
It's not really important, but I find it amusing. I'm from Denmark, and in case someone doesn't know, the country east of Denmark is Sweden - we're only separated by a tiny belt of water called Oeresund. There used to be a lot of fighting between the two countries, which led to some genius coming up with this law:If Oeresund freezes over, and a Swede tries to cross it by walking across, a Dane is allowed to hit him with a stick. Note that the law most likely won't let you get away wih hitting a swede today, and some people dispute the truth of the law, but it's a good story still. But we also have one that says: No woman must enter a public transport vehicle, carrying a needle longer than 15cm. I would love to know the story about this law.• Suggested ReadingWhat will the left do if it is proven that Hillary's private server hack led to the Benghazi attacks?Do people on the right realize that Hillary Clinton lost the election?We on the left do. She lost. It sucks, but were over it. Were on to 2018, and 2020. 2016 is done. Shes old news.But I really wonder if people on the right realize this. Trump still brings up Hillary at the weirdest and most inappropriate times. Fox News talking heads still talk about whether Hillary is crooked. And right wing Quora questioners still pepper Quora with baiting questions to the left about Hillary.Sheesh. Move on, right wingers. Hillary lost. You won. I never dreamed that it would be you guys who would have such a hard time putting that in the past.Anyways to answer the OP: If Hillarys hack was found to lead to Benghazi, that would be concerning. It would highlight the importance of ANY high-level US guarding their personal information. Sort of like, you know, when Trumps personal phone number came to be known by a comedian.------What are the feelings you have that explain most clearly what it is like to be an INTJ?When you lack motivation, combating spirit and feels helpless, you try finding something, not know exactly, but which could gives you confidence. Energy to keep going. That source may be superstitious or spiritual. That's why many people, even knowing the fact that daily horoscope is prepared by some random staff of the newspaper, prefer to read daily. As similar to the fact, destiny is only created by man itself, IMBT do not tell the exact nature of any living being and it's moves in different situations, strategy, unless you know them personally. When you go on knowing many things similar to yours, you like it atleast for the reason something' understands you. This keeps the interest of knowing more and more. That's the only interest of me as the INTJ. How can one tell what is the significance or feelings of being some personality type when it all depends of the environment you are living in, treatment from others, fear, bullying, descrimination and other personal concerns?------How has physics research led to better vehicles?Every aspect of motor vehicle design, production and operation is subject to physical principles and can be improved through research.But it also requires a vision on the part of the manufacturer as to what can be done and what wont be attempted.So we have got quite a bit better especially in terms of safety and useable internal volume, streamlining, weight savings and so on over time.Most surprising to me is that very few improvements in the core energy efficiency of an internal combustion cylinder have been made from the day of Henry Ford.Rather for combustion engines, physics has contributed to higher power engines in smaller sizes that distribute that power more smoothly over a wider range of speeds.The big change in efficiency recently is not improvements to the combustion engine, but rather due to the change to electric vehicles.And those sort of changes are more about corporate vision than physics------How has playing Magic: the Gathering affected your life?Well I am perpetually broke all the time. I kid really. MTG has been a big part of my life since 8th grade. I made friends at school playing in the cafeteria, some are still good friends even 20 years later. It has helped me learn to manage money better since I am constantly on the look out for upgrades for EDH and modern decks. To get a bit more personal, I am a fairly anti social person with anxiety issues. But paper magic is a very social game and has helped me break out of that shell. Eight years ago I moved out of state and left my decade old D&D and MTG playgroup. I literally knew nobody and had no friends for several months. After I found a LGS and played a few FNMs I made several new friends and a new D&D and EDH playgroup. I truly owe alot to this game------This article says that trump's claim he lied about the pandemic and the old and newer revelations about his disparaging remarks regarding US soldiers has led to Biden's lead in recent poll data. What is your take?My take - its obvious that lying is Trumps biggest weapon. He has told more than 20,000 since hes been in office. And yet, his base still thinks that hes doing a great job. Are they blind? Are they racists? Are they stupid?Theres no doubt that he said he knew that Covid 19 is an air borne virus. Theres no doubt that he knew that young people were just as susceptible as older people (and just recently said children were almost immune.I dont doubt that he made disparaging remarks towards military personnel either. Having heard his comments about John McCain should have told people how much respect he has for our military. Zip - Nada - ZeroTrump is the worst president this country has ever had. To think that the republican party has spent more time defending him than doing their (elected) jobs shows me how much they care for our country vs their wealth & power.I hope that karma comes back to get each and every one of them!------Should Donald Trump be proud of himself for the way he has performed as President of the United States?What I hear you saying is that you are unhappy with his stepping on your sensibilities. Well get over it. He would not be in my golf foursome perhaps but so what? He has seen the slow constant abuse of the worker and small business persons that make this country run. Predatory tax policy, prohibitive regulation, judges that legislate from the bench, entrenched bureaucrats in D.C. and a progressive takeover of everything. Trump is the megaphone for people who understand freedom and liberty!Before COVID-19 came along we had the best employment statistics ever, especially in the minority communities. Energy independence so we are no longer captives of people who hate us. The list goes on and on.Right now there is simply no other place to go. The best the opposition can come up with is a blabbering candidate for an old folks home being kept in a basement in New Jersey------Will retaliatory acts by Trump like firing Lt. Colonel Vindman and ugly comments about Senators Romney and Jones drive more moderate voters towards the Democratic Party?Not if they live in the real (i.e., business as opposed to academic) world.What business do you know of where you remain employed if you diss your boss?What would you think of a boss that lets you get away with saying bad things about him?As far as Jones goes, hes a Democrat and a liberal one at that. Hes toast in Alabama if Sessions runs against him. I dont think anyone cares what Trump says about him.Romney will always be perceived as an egotistical backstabber who turned on a man who backed him to help him win his Senate seat. His rambling explanation of essentially God made me do it will carry no weight with most folks who actually believe in God. John Wilkes Booth thought he was doing the right thing as well when he shot Lincoln. There werent even a lot of Confederates who considered Booth a noble fellow------What is the functional reasoning behind the design of TARS in Interstellar? What unique advantages of the 4-piece, 3-hinge block led to that design in particular?Few things which makes sense to me about the design. Note that one can only speculate about it, you would have to get hold of Chris and ask him to get the true picture (and he isn't on the internet or reachable via phone).1. Compact and efficient storage:- A cuboid ( original shape of TARS ) is much more easier and space efficient to store. It also aided fitting in near the pilots seat.2. Functionality and humanness :- note that those robots were designed to interact with humans naturally and still be a robot. The form factor made it possible. They struck a close resemblance to a square Android.3. Wide degree of freedom and Extra functionality :- It is able to morph into a pretty useful roller shape to save Dr Brand. This would be difficult for a humanoid to pull off.4. Sleek and cool looking :- admit it. It's the sexiest and coolest looking robot you have ever seen.------Do LED whitening trays actually work for teeth whitening?The primary ingredients in teeth whitening gel is hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide. When the molecules of hydrogen and oxygen ( from hydrogen peroxide) interacts wih your teeth it will break apart causing a deep cleaning action . When Ulta violet light acted on it the more it will give a speedy reaction on your teeth.The UV light is a frequency if light that us proven to accelerate the whitening process.In the case of DIY at home LED teeth whitening, this lights are a simple LED bulb that create a blue colored light. This is NOT UV light. For this reason it has a zero impact in the teeth whitening process.The only laser teeth whitening light that actually works are the UV producing lights that are offered at your local dentist.These devices are FDA regulated and cannot be sold for home use. Therefore it can only be used by registered dentist.------What has led to the Republican U-turn on mask wearing?There is an apparent correlation between how individuals relate/react to the pandemic and their degree of conservatism. Which is to say, the more conservative, the less likely to wear masks or conform to social distancing. It appears to be a confusion between personal liberty and the greater good created by an absurd assumption that these measures and lockdowns are not constitutional and are an infringement on first amendment rights. This, of course, is why the US has failed so miserably relative to other advanced economies except the UK, another failure in terms of cases and deaths relative to population size. The truly far right have even asserted that the pandemic is a hoax. For them, Trump is the truth-teller and the media the fake news. There is such a thing as too stupid to be a responsible citizen, and too many conservatives unfortunately seem quite prone to this shortcoming.Eclectic Pragmatism Eclectic Pragmatist------Who is the biggest killing machine in human history?Heres my candidate: Henry Kissinger. He gets my vote, since many still revere him as a statesman. Lets look at the gory record: Secret bombing of Cambodia, costing hundreds of thousands of lives and leading to the rise of the Khmer Rouge (1970); showering Pakistan with aid during the genocide in East Pakistan that killed at least one million, including the war that followed (1971); the Christmas bombing of Hanoi, with thousands of lives lost and earning Henry the condemnation of the Pope (1972); overthrow of the democratically elected government of Chile, installing a military dictatorship that took from 3,000 to 20,000 lives (1973); green lighting the Greek coup in Cyprus, sparking the ethnic cleansing of the Turkish population (1974); enabling the Indonesian takeover of East Timor and subsequent genocide of at least 100,000 (1975); and abetting the military junta in Argentina, which killed 20,000 citizens (1976).With a stellar record like that is it any wonder Henry Kissinger is a Nobel Peace Prize winner?.
What makes Small 2*3inch 600*900mm 3Axis 4 Axis CNC Router with DSP Offline Control so awesome?
What makes Small 2*3inch 600*900mm 3Axis 4 Axis CNC Router with DSP Offline Control so awesome?
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Goodman Heat Pump System. AC Condenser Not Working (no Fan Either). Is There an Overload Trip Switch
if nothing at all is working then these are the most likely scenarios. From likliest to least likliest. 1. Breaker tripped. reset it and all is good. Or replace the fuses in the outdoor disconnect box by the unit if one is bad 2. Condenser fan motor or run capacitor has failed and the compressor is overheated shut of on internal protection. when the compressor cools it will run again. 3. The outdoor unit is not getting a signal for cooling from the thermostat, or a broken wire somewhere in between possibly at the air handler. If its a newer goodman unit it will definitely have this.1. ac condenser is running condenser fan is running but no air coming out of duct?make sure Duct is clear from register to AC unit2. Can a mess up AC condenser leak out freon?Yes and this is the cheapest place i've seen for AC parts. techchoiceparts.com I did my whole ac system for like half of what other stores wanted3. How do I keep my new central AC condenser from blowing fuses?THEY MIGHT BE ABLE TO SEND A REPRESENTATIVE TO REALLY FIX YOUR SYSTEM4. AC Condenser Fan Motor and capacitor question. Need AC tech to answer.?you can push it in manually and if the fan starts that tells you the fan is okay. Check the batteries in the control thermostat inside your house. they need replacing most are AAA or double A batteries. Take a visual look at the capacitor to see that its not deformed or puffing out anywhere5. AC condenser not doing its job after a new motor install, no heat coming off it and not sending cold out?You wired the new motor correctly. Do you hear the compressor running? If you do and you are not feeling any heat being put out, there's a good chance the unit is low on refrigerant, probably because of a refrigerant leak. Unless you have a set of gauges, there's really no way you are going to be able to diagnose it. You would need to call an HVAC contractor to locate the leak, repair it, evacuate the system and add refrigerant. If the compressor is not running, it's probably getting voltage (since the condenser fan is running), but it's not starting. It could be the old capacitor is defective (open), in which case you would need to replace it. There will be two sets of numbers on the old capacitor, for example 40/5 MFD 370 VAC. You would need a 40 MFD 370 VAC capacitor for the compressor. Good luck6. How do I install my own AC condenser in my 1970 Mustang?Replacing the condenser is the easy part, make sure you have the proper tools,preferably mechanic's tools. Pop the old one out and just simply slide the new one in and connect the wires. Next you will have to take your car to an AC mech shop and have them recharge your car with freon. (Hopefully your compressor is good). And also if any freon leaked out they will have to vac *** all the moisture out of your car's compressor too. You will spend about $60 to $80 for this procedure7. AC condenser fan sometimes sporadically stays off?If the capacitor was replaced, was it replaced with the correct one? Or could you still have a bad one? Check to see if the case is swollen or dented anywhere. Check the data plated on the motor and see if there are any ratings for the capacitor. You can take it to an electrical supply store and they can test it to see if it is bad. If it is a split capacitor (3 connections on top) are they going to the correct motors? The C (common) goes to both motors, the H (herm) goes to the compressor, and the other connection sometimes labeled F (fan) goes to the fan. Most likely it is just a bad capacitor or a wire has come off. Good Luck.8. How do you replace the ac condenser on a 2006 Jeep Wrangler Sport?first you have to have a a/c suction machine to suck out the fluid. if you dont have one then dont attempt. youll screw up your a/c system. take it to your local dealership
Minor  Leagues
Minor Leagues
Minor leaguesIn 2000, Smith led the minor league Cardinal organization with a 2.26 ERA (among starters) and 17 wins (5 with AAA Memphis and 12 with AA Arkansas) and threw two no-hitters of the seven-inning variety against Midland and San Antonio. His 2000-year performance earned him Baseball Weekly's Minor League Pitcher of the Year award. .— — — — — —Draft and minor leaguesHe was selected by the Chicago White Sox in the 2000 Major League Baseball Draft in the 10th round as the 292nd overall pick. He did not sign with the White Sox until May 12, 2001. In 2006, Phillips played the whole season with the Triple-A Charlotte Knights. He was named the International League's Most Valuable Pitcher after going 13-5 with a 2.96 ERA. Heath was a member of the Team USA Olympic Qualifier 2006 team that won gold in Cuba. His teammates included Billy Butler, Kurt Suzuki, Michael Bourn, Mark Reynolds and was managed by Davey Johnson. In 2007, Phillips began the year at Charlotte again. He finished the season going 13-7 with a 4.30 ERA in 28 starts. He was rewarded with a September callup after the minor league season was over when rosters expanded.— — — — — —Return to minor leaguesGroth spent the 1949 season with the Kansas City Blues, finishing with a 12-9 record, a 4.28 ERA, and 162 innings pitched. When the 1950 season began, the New York Yankees had five holdouts (players who wanted more money and would not sign their contracts). Groth was one of them, and was the only minor leaguer to hold out. He eventually signed his contract with Kansas City, and after spring training ended, Groth was sent to the Oakland Oaks of the Pacific Coast League, the Yankees' AAA minor league affiliate. The Yankees sent Groth to the Oaks to make up for sending over George Earl Toolson last season, who the Oaks had to return because his condition was poor. Groth finished the season with a 7-11 record and a 5.09 ERA. In January 1951, the Oaks sold Groth to the Baltimore Orioles of the International League, now a farm team of the Philadelphia Phillies. He struggled in ten appearances, finishing with an ERA of 7.58, and was sent to the Chattanooga Lookouts, the AA minor league team of the Washington Senators. He pitched in 26 games for the Lookouts, finishing with a 3-8 record and a 6.29 ERA. For the next five seasons, Groth played for the Oklahoma City Indians of the Texas League. He was sold to Oklahoma City by Baltimore in December 1951. In his first season with Oklahoma City, he finished with a 15-12 record, a 3.43 ERA, and 207 innings pitched. The following season, Groth started things off with a victory in an early appearance against the Dallas Eagles where he allowed only four hits. He finished the season with an 8-8 record and a 5.37 ERA. In 1954, Groth improved his pitching, finishing the season with a 14-11 record and a 3.75 ERA. After a 9-13 season in 1955, Groth split time between Oklahoma City and the Tulsa Oilers in 1956, finishing the season with a combined 9-16 record. He ended his professional career after the 1956 season.— — — — — —Minor Leagues (1980–1985)Newman spent much of the next four years in the minor leagues. Newman debuted in organized baseball with the Memphis Chicks, Montreal's AA-level team, and was a South Atlantic League All-Star second baseman during the 1982 season. In 1983, Newman started the season again at Memphis before being promoted to Montreal's AAA-level team, the Wichita Aeros. On December 7, 1983, Newman was included in a large, three-team trade that saw the Expos send him to the San Diego Padres and starting pitcher Scott Sanderson to the Chicago Cubs. To round out the trade, the Padres sent Gary Lucas to the Expos while the Cubs sent Carmelo Martinez, Craig Lefferts, and Fritzie Connally to the Padres. Newman started the 1984 season back at the AA level, playing for the Beaumont Golden Gators in the Texas League, before being traded back to the Expos on July 20, 1984, for starting pitcher Greg Harris. Newman spent the rest of the 1984 season and much of 1985 season with the Expos' new AAA team, the Indianapolis Indians.
Application of Internet of Things in Fruit and Vegetable Cold Chain Logistics
Application of Internet of Things in Fruit and Vegetable Cold Chain Logistics
The purpose of fruit and vegetable cold chain logistics is to ensure the good quality of fruits and vegetables from the field to the hands of consumers. However, in the circulation, the connection and fracture of various links often occur, resulting in high cost of fruit and vegetable cold chain logistics, difficult quality assurance, unclear division of responsibilities and so on. The application of Internet of things technology in fruit and vegetable cold chain logistics can realize the information transparency among regulatory authorities, fruit and vegetable cold chain logistics enterprises and consumers, and achieve the purpose of querying, supervising and tracking all links of fruit and vegetable cold chain logistics.Logistics industry is the first industry to contact the Internet of things. Smart logistics is one of the six strategic applications for the vigorous development of the Internet of things in the next 10 15 years. The application of Internet of things technology to the logistics field has promoted the rapid development of logistics system and promoted the development of logistics industry into a new development era - Smart logistics era. The development of smart logistics has brought opportunities and challenges to all fields of logistics, making some uncontrollable factors transparent and accountable. It effectively connects the complex and diverse links in the logistics operation, reduces the logistics cost, improves the logistics efficiency, and enables consumers to shop easily and safely.1、 Current situation of fruit and vegetable cold chain logisticsAt present, the planting area and output of fruits and vegetables in China rank first in the world. About 400 million tons of fresh agricultural products enter the circulation field every year. Due to the backward preservation industry and the primitive storage and consumption mode, according to statistics, 80 million tons of fruits and vegetables decay every year, and the decay rate of fruits and vegetables ranks first in the world. The main reason for this huge waste is that there are problems in the circulation of fruits and vegetables from the field to the consumer's table, and there is no coherent fruit and vegetable food industry chain. From the planting, procurement, transportation, storage, processing to sales of fruits and vegetables, there is no effective economic interest subject. Farmers only plant fruits and vegetables, fruit and vegetable dealers only purchase and sales, and third-party logistics enterprises are only responsible for transportation and storage. The coordination between these stakeholders is difficult, and the division of responsibilities is not clear. Whether consumers can buy high-quality and cheap fruits and vegetables depends on luck.According to statistics, 60% of fruits and vegetables are sold in the current season every year, and the remaining 35% 40% need refrigeration. Cold chain logistics plays a very important role in the circulation of fruits and vegetables and is an important factor to ensure the quality of fruits and vegetables and stabilize the market price of fruits and vegetables. However, at present, there is a huge gap between the development level of China's fruit and vegetable cold chain logistics and the world's advanced logistics level: the circulation rate of cold chain logistics is low, the cold chain facilities and equipment are not matched, the construction of fruit and vegetable cold chain technology and fruit and vegetable cold chain system is in the initial exploratory stage, and the operation and transaction costs of fruit and vegetable cold chain logistics are higher, which is 20 percentage points higher than that of developed countries, With the improvement of people's living standards, the requirements for food quality and freshness are higher and higher. Cold chain logistics has attracted widespread attention.2、 Key technologies of Internet of things technology in fruit and vegetable cold chain logisticsThe core technologies of the Internet of things include wireless sensor network technology, radio frequency identification technology, two-dimensional code technology, M2M object data communication technology, global positioning system technology, MEMS technology and two-dimensional integration system. The most critical and core technology is wireless sensor network technology, because it runs through all levels of the Internet of things and is the integrated application of technologies at other levels. In the fruit and vegetable cold chain logistics, each link in the fruit and vegetable circulation should be identified and tracked. Generally, RFID technology will be applied to all links of the fruit and vegetable circulation to realize the seamless connection of all links of the fruit and vegetable cold chain logistics, so as to control and supervise the quality of the fruit and vegetable circulation. At present, the application of Internet of things technology in fruit and vegetable cold chain logistics mainly includes the following.1. Electronic product code (EPC)Product electronic code is the latest generation of product identification code in charge of China article coding center. It can uniquely identify objects in the supply chain (including articles, containers, pallets, locations, etc.). EPC is stored on the RFID tag, which contains a silicon chip and an antenna. When reading the EPC tag, it can be connected with some dynamic data. And with the help of the Internet to realize the transmission of information.2. Radio frequency identification technology (RFID)RFID technology is a relatively advanced non-contact identification technology at present. It is attached to traceable items and can be circulated around the world for identification, reading and writing. Standardized and interoperable information is stored in RFID tags. They are automatically collected to the central information system through wireless data communication network to realize the identification of fruits, vegetables and other commodities, Then through the open computer network to realize information exchange and sharing, and realize the "transparent" management of goods. The utility model has the advantages of being able to update at any time, convenient scanning, fast scanning speed, multi-target scanning for both visible and invisible, and low cost. At present, it is widely used in supermarkets, shopping malls, warehouses, libraries and other places. It is the basic and key technology of Internet of things technology in fruit and vegetable cold chain logistics.3. QR code technologyTwo dimensional code, also known as two-dimensional bar code, is a bar code that stores information in two-dimensional space in horizontal and vertical directions. Two dimensional code technology has the characteristics of large storage capacity, good confidentiality, good tracking performance, strong damage resistance and low cost. It is mainly used for product quality problem tracing, inventory of goods and fixed assets in the logistics center, storage center and joint service center, playing the role of immediate inventory and immediate decision-making. At the same time, consumers can query the source of goods by scanning the QR code on the goods.4. Global positioning system technology (GPS)GPS is a new generation of satellite navigation and positioning system with all-round real-time three-dimensional navigation and positioning capabilities of sea, land and air. As a mobile sensing technology, GPS is an important technology in the application of Internet of things to cold chain logistics. The combination of GPS and modern communication technology makes the method of measuring the three-dimensional coordinates of the earth's surface develop from static to dynamic, from data post-processing to real-time positioning and navigation, which greatly expands its application breadth and depth, and makes real-time query and positioning of fruit and vegetable cold chain logistics transportation vehicles and goods.5. Savant networkSavant is a distributed network software, which is responsible for managing and transmitting data related to product electronic code. Middleware between interpreter and Internet. The interpreter reads the information from the sensor and electronic tag and sends it to savant. Savant has the functions of data smoothing, data verification and data temporary storage. The data is processed by savant and transferred to the Internet.3、 Application of Internet of things technology in all links of fruit and vegetable cold chain logisticsFruits and vegetables can be divided into seven links from picking to sales. According to the order of fruit and vegetable circulation, this paper analyzes how the Internet of things technology can ensure the quality of fruits and vegetables in the fruit and vegetable cold chain logistics. In the whole process of the application of Internet of things technology in the quality and safety of fruit and vegetable cold chain logistics, the application of Internet of things technology can give early warning, distinguish responsibilities and trace loopholes in advance, so as to ensure the quality and safety of fruit and vegetable circulation.The application of Internet of things technology in fruit and vegetable cold chain logistics enables the identification and management of safety and quality problems in fruit and vegetable circulation to be intelligent, fundamentally solves the problems encountered by fruit and vegetable cold chain logistics in terms of technology, cost, service and safety, ensures the freshness and quality traceability of fruits and vegetables, and improves the supply chain management level of fruits and vegetables, It is the future development direction of fruit and vegetable cold chain logistics.The application of Internet of things technology in fruit and vegetable cold chain logistics has achieved certain results. Monitoring the information of each stage of fruit and vegetable cold chain logistics is conducive to the supervision and effectiveness of government regulatory departments and realize the purpose of no dead corner management; It is helpful for fruit and vegetable enterprises to strengthen food safety operation and management, stabilize and expand consumer groups and enhance market competitiveness; It is conducive to consumers' assured consumption and easy enjoyment of "fresh fruits and vegetables" food.
How to choose the automatic unmanned packing machine?
How to choose the automatic unmanned packing machine?
How to choose the automatic unmanned packing machine?Following shared by the Waster Recycling Machine Exporter.1. See the operation speed of automatic unmanned baling machine.2. Environmental performance of automatic unmanned packing machine. 3. Since this machine is fully automatic unmanned of choose and buy to enterprise cost calculation, so we want to consider the operating costs of the whole equipment such as the investment of manpower automatic unmanned baling press equipment when the choose and buy must weigh, weigh the procurement costs and operating costs, find the suitable ratio of optimal upgrade solutions.4. An important point is the after-sales service.Welcome to purchase our Waster Recycling Machine. RELATED QUESTION Where can I get my quilt vacuum packed in Chandigarh? Before helping you with your question, I would like to explain a little about vacuum packaging for other users and why it is helpful.Vacuum packingis a method of packaging that expels air from the package before sealing. In both ways manually and automatically this process of packaging can be achieved easily. At first, the packaging of the materials is done and then the removal of air from the packets and sealing it tight. To give the tight packing to the items other ways has been also used such as shrink film packaging. The major purpose of using such packaging is to remove oxygen from the packaging to make more space, save it from damages, food packaging save the food and extend its life. Why go for vacuum packaging of quilts, blankets, and clothes?Easy relocationInexpensive techniqueProvide more spaceMore safe and comfortableHere is your help,A to Z Packing Solutionsare the best in providing blanket vacuum packaging in the entire Chandigarh. My mother's sister hired them for their relocation. They had a large amount of stuff to be moved, though it was not a one-way move. We contacted A to Z Packing Solutions and they told us about the vacuum packaging technique. We were surprised at first, they showed us a demo. We liked it and hired them for the process. It was great, as we moved our whole stuff in just one process. For a consultation, you can contact him on 9915481690. Must go for them, without any doubt
Knowledge Related to Jitu Patwari
Jitendra Patwari also known as Jitu Patwari (born 19 November 1973) is an Indian politician from the Indian National Congress. He was the Cabinet Minister for Higher Education, Sports and Youth Affairs of Madhya Pradesh He is the Member of the Legislative Assembly from Rau Vidhan Sabha in Madhya Pradesh. He is the member of the INC. · Other Related Knowledge of youth sports Sports sponsored of youth sports A member of the Atlantic 10 Conference, St. Louis University sponsors teams in eight men's and ten women's NCAA sanctioned sports. BaseballIn 2006, the Billiken baseball team earned the program's first NCAA Tournament berth since 1966 by winning the Atlantic 10 Tournament. SLU's most successful baseball team of all time was the 1965 squad, which qualified for the NCAA Tournament and advanced to the College World Series. Darin Hendrickson has been the head coach since 2008 and guided the Billikens to NCAA Tournament appearances in 2010 and 2013. The team plays at the Billiken Sports Center. BasketballSimply known to some as "The Program", the Billikens were ranked first in the first AP basketball poll during the 19481949 season. Ed Macauley of the Basketball Hall of Fame and SLU won the NIT championship in 1948 and have played in the NIT 18 times, most recently in 2004. Larry Hughes of the Chicago Bulls played one season at SLU in the 19971998 season, where he was selected as the consensus national Freshman of the Year. They have made the NCAA Men's Division I Basketball Tournament in 1952, 1957, 1994, 1995, 1998, 2000, 2012, 2013, 2014 and 2019. The Billikens are currently coached by Travis Ford and has a popular celebrity fan base including John Stamos, Ruben Studdard, and Lil' Kim. The Program officially relocated from the Bauman-Eberhardt Center, the third oldest facility in NCAA Division I sports, to Chaifetz Arena on the eastern edge of campus for spring workouts in early April 2008. Coach Rick Majerus died December 1, 2012. SoccerThe men's soccer team has won 10 national titles (195960, 196263, 1965, 1967, 196970, 197273), the most in NCAA Men's Soccer Championship history. SLU also holds the record for most NCAA Tournament appearances with 44. Several Billikens have gone on to play professionally, including Shane Battelle, Brad Davis, Vedad Ibievi, Brian McBride, Matt McKeon, Al Trost, Dipsy Selolwane, Mike Sorber, Joe Clarke, Bob Madison, Martin Hutton, Jack Jewsbury, Tim Ward, Brett Branan, Will John, and Tim Ream. The soccer team plays at Hermann Stadium on campus. Since 2010, Mike McGinty has been the head coach. Legion 1818 is the official supporters group for the team. NCAA ChampionshipsMen's Soccer: 1959, 1960, 1962, 1963, 1965, 1967(co-champion), 1969, 1970, 1972, 1973Swimming and DivingSaint Louis University head swimming and diving coach Jim Halliburton was inducted into the Missouri Sports Hall of Fame on Nov. 5 2018, during a ceremony held at the Chase Park Plaza Hotel in St. Louis. Now in his 18th season at Saint Louis, Halliburton has guided the Billiken mens and womens teams to more than 500 victories. He ranks sixth in career wins among NCAA Division I swim coaches. SoftballThe Saint Louis softball team enjoyed the best season in program history in 2010. The Billikens established a school record in wins with a 30-26-1 slate and established team records in hits, runs, doubles and home runs. As the Number 4 seed in the Atlantic 10 Championships, under the previous Coach, John Conway. Currently, the Billikens are coached by Christy Connoyer. VolleyballUnder head coach Anne Kordes, the women's volleyball team made its first-ever NCAA Tournament appearance in 2006, the program's first post-season bid since earning a spot in the 1995 National Invitation Tournament. The Billikens returned to the NCAA Tournament in 2008 and finished the season ranked No. 8 in the RPI and No. 21 in the final Bison/AVCA Coaches Top 25 Poll. Kordes led the Billikens back to the NCAA Tournament in 2009, receiving an at-large bid. The team plays its home games in the Chaifetz Pavilion on the eastern edge of campus. FootballThe university fielded an intercollegiate squad from 1899 to 1949, going undefeated in 1901, 1904 and 1906. The final home game for the Billikens was on November 24, 1949, a 350 loss against Houston. Saint Louis finished the 1949 season with a 261 record. St. Louis competed at the club level during the late 1960s and early 1970s. Although the school no longer has a football team, they made a lasting mark on the sport as the 1906 team, coached by Eddie Cochems, threw the first legal forward pass in college football history, Bradbury Robinson to Jack Schneider on September 5, 1906, vs. Carroll College at Waukesha, Wisconsin. ConferencesSLU has had six conference affiliations since 1937. SLU has been affiliated with the Missouri Valley Conference (19371974); the defunct Metro Conference (19751982); the Midwestern Collegiate Conference, now known as the Horizon League (19821991); the defunct Great Midwest Conference (19911995) and Conference USA (which was created by a merger between the Metro and Great Midwest Conferences). SLU joined the Atlantic 10 Conference in 2005. The Bilikens were a charter member of Conference USA in 1995, but left to join the A10 in 2005. By the time Saint Louis left C-USA, it was one of four members of the conference without football programs. The other three also left C-USA in 2005. Charlotte, which joined the A10 at alongside SLU, returned to C-USA in 2013, the same year it launched a football program (becoming the only one of the four schools that now plays football). DePaul and Marquette both left for the Big East Conference, and in 2013 became two of the "Catholic 7" that formed the core of the reconfigured Big East Conference. ------ Clubs and leagues of youth sports The highest South Australian league is the National Premier Leagues South Australia (NPL SA). Since 2013 The winner of this competition plays off against the winners of the NPL conferences from other states in a national finals series to determine the NPL Champion. Below the NPL SA in order are the SA State League 1 and SA State League 2. National Premier Leagues South AustraliaAdelaide Blue Eagles Adelaide City Adelaide Comets Adelaide Olympic Adelaide Raiders Adelaide United Youth Campbelltown City Croydon Kings North Eastern MetroStars South Adelaide West Adelaide West Torrens BirkallaNational Premier Leagues State League 1Adelaide Victory Cumberland United Fulham United Modbury Jets Noarlunga United Para Hills Knights Playford City Patriots Salisbury United Seaford Rangers FC Sturt Lions Western Strikers White CityNational Premier Leagues State League 2Adelaide Cobras Adelaide Hills Hawks Adelaide University FC Adelaide Vipers Eastern United Gawler SC Modbury Vista Mount Barker United Port Adelaide Pirates The Cove Northern Demons UniSA FCBelow are leagues based in South Australia outside of the NPL system. Limestone Coast Football AssociationApollo Mount Gambier Soccer Club Blue Lake Soccer Club Gambier Centrals Soccer Club International Mount Gambier Soccer Club Millicent United Soccer Club Naracoorte United Soccer Club Portland Soccer Club (VIC)Riverland Soccer AssociationBarmera United Soccer Club Berri River Rangers Soccer Club Loxton United Soccer Club Renmark Olympic Soccer Club Collegiate Soccer LeagueAdelaide Uni Grads Blue Adelaide Uni Grads Red Adelaide Uni Whites Blackwood Lions Cardijn College Christian Brothers College Immanuel College Mercedes College Mount Barker United Soccer Club Norwood North City Panthers Pembroke Old Scholars Soccer Club Pulteney Grammar Crabs Rostrevor College Sacred Heart College Scotch College Thebarton Senior College Uni SA Unley Old Scholars FC Westminster Knights Windsor Gardens Woodside WarriorsPort Lincoln Soccer AssociationLincoln City Lincoln Knights Sekol Masters South CoastSouth Australian Amateur Soccer LeagueAdelaide Budapest Adelaide Cobras Adelaide Croatia Adelaide Great Wall Adelaide Khukuri Football Club Adelaide Pumas Adelaide Red Stars Soccer Club Adelaide Redblue Eagles Adelaide Titans Adelaide University Adelaide Vikings Adelaide Villa Adelaide Wanderers Aldinga Sharks Andrews Farm Hornets Angle Vale Athelstone Barossa United Tigers Bosa Brahma Lodge Burundi Eagles Soccer Club Chin Utd Soccer Club City Rangers Soccer Club Croydon Cougars SSC Eleven Adult Elizabeth Downs Elizabeth Grove Elizabeth Vale Flinders Gawler Soccer Club Ghan United Gleeson Green United Soccer Club Hahndorf Ingle Farm Soccer Club Kilburn Star Kingston FC Macedonia United Lions Maiwand Soccer Club Mawson Lakes Mclaren DISTRICTS Messinian Association Hawks Modbury Jets Amateur Modbury Jets Old Boys Modbury Vista Monarchs Mssc Blue Eagles Mu Stars Munno Para City Murray Bridge United Noarlunga United Northern Pitbulls Northern Wolves Old Ignatians One Tree Hill Para Hills East Para Hills Lions Para Hills Utd Para Hills West Parafield Gardens Payneham Postel United Plympton Bulldogs Polonia Pontian Eagles Prince Alfred Punjab Lions Soccer Club Sa Centrals Salisbury Florina Salisbury International Salisbury United Soccer Club Salisbury Villa Savoy Seaford Amateur South Coast United Southern Breakers Southern Knights St Peters Old Collegians Stirling District Strathalbyn Strikers Sturt Marion Thunder Tea Tree Gully City Torrens Valley Ukrainian Sports Club Lion Unley United West Adelaide Raptors Soccer Club West Beach Westwood Football Club
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