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Food Machine manufacturer produced by Guangzhou DaLong CNC Machinery Technology Co.Ltd is eye-catching. Designed by the experts in the industry, it is famous for its exquisite and tasteful appearance. With a relatively scientific structure, it is very pragmatic. In addition, it is produced in strict accordance with international production standard and has passed international certifications, thus, its quality is completely guaranteed.DaLong Machine products have helped us to gain greater revenues in recent years. They are produced with high cost-performance ratio and appealing appearance, leaving a deep impression on customers. From the feedback of customers, our products are able to bring them increasing benefits, which results in the sales growth. Most customers claim that we have been their top choice in the industry.Our focus has always been, and will always be, on service competitiveness. Our goal is to provide the highest quality products at a fair price. We maintain a full staff of engineers dedicated to the field and house state-of-art equipment in our factory. This combination allows DaLong CNC Machine to provide consistent and always high-quality standard products, hence maintaining strong service competitiveness.
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What Are Some of the Ways a Tail Light Fuse Could Blow Out?
Usually a bad earth. Or a short circuit1. Have you cycled in the middle of the night?Depending on where in a city you ride you may not need a headlight since street lights provide enough visibility to ride. You DO want to have lights so you are visible to cars from all directions (not just back). I suggest an LED flashing tail light (on the seat post) and a LED flashing light on the top of your helmet. Or, a minimum of a helmet light (visible from all directions) and some reflectors. If riding where street lights are sparse I find that a helmet mounted light is the best way to ride at night, so combining a bright white light to project forward and a red flashing light to show to the sides and back is a good approach. With the availability of LED lights you do not need to spend a fortune. I've seen helmet mountable headlights for under $10.2. tail light sensor light in dash- 2002 Nissan Maxima- what's the deal?low flake bruid perhaps3. Crown Vic / Gr Marquis Tail Light Compatibility... Is That Possible?if they look the same and they fit the same they the same4. how to remove tail light lens from 94 caprice?Normally those are an assembly as in the whole assembly, I've never seen just the lens, as the lens itself is welded to the rest of the assembly, not exactly sure what your talking about, but to remove the assembly from the car pull out the back carpet cover and remove the screws holding in the light, if your trying to remove the lens fron the assembly, yea good luck with that, better get out your dremel tool with a cut off wheel and start cutting5. Why doesn't my tail light turn on when im riding ? It only turns on when i press on the brakes?take the bike to the dealer and let them fix it6. If you have a broken tail light, will the police search your car for drugs?No they would not as long as you did not hide the drugs in the boot then you would be fine7. What happens if your tail light is broken and you get pulled over by the police?So long as everything else is in order and you are not being an asshole, almost always they will give you a warning and send you on your way. Mostly it is just a courtesy stop, as it is very easy not to realize your light is out8. How do you change a tail light in a 2005 chevy malibu. I can't figure out how to get to it?Inside the lining in the trunk9. I have 81 Harley shvelhead custom, all sudden head light and tail light won't turn on. Where should I look? Battey is charged. Pls Help?For a cylce that ancient could be the wiring or connections or switch gone broken or corroded. Get a test light and do some continuity testing, after doing wom wire wigglet testing10. How do you take the tail light lens off of a 1997 crown victoria?hi im not sure as ive never owned a crown vic. but if you go to like an autozone or something they have haynes manuels for about $15.00 they are the best tool you could have. it should definately help u. good luck!11. Where can I order custom made tail light lenses?Just a quick caution, make sure they are not labeled "for off road use only" . Some of them are illegal in some states, the manufacturers do not care as long as they make a buck the wording covers them. The cops do not always enforce it but it's an excuse for them to pull you over.12. Why doesn't my tail light turn on when im riding ? It only turns on when i press on the brakes?the tail lamp bulb is burned out, replace it13. where can i buy tail light covers?Junk yard auto zone oriellys walmart14. what are some good tankmates for head and tail light tetras?Try neons, Cardinals and glowlight tetras, all will shoal if kept in groups of five or more. Also try a small cichlid such as the Bolivian ram, or Kribensis but do not get as pair as they then become territotrial and bully the other fish as they try to breed. You could also try a small bristlenose plec to keep down algae, or a small L-number plec such as the Zebra or royal plec. All grow no more than 4 inches and will not harm the other fish. Maybe add a trio, of one male two females, of platies, swordtails, guppies, endlers livebearers, but avoid mollies as they are too boisterous for your other fish. Then you have the similar sized tetras to the head and tails, like Black widows, Bleeding hearts, serpaes. You could try a small shoal of six or more tiger barbs, black ruby, or golden barbs, but do not keeps anything else with long fins or which are too delicate.
IDF Declares End of Operation Northern Shield with Finding of 6th Tunnel
The IDF declared Sunday the completion of after locating a sixth attack tunnel dug by the Hezbollah terror group from Lebanon into Israeli territory. The tunnel is expected to be neutralized in the coming days. In early December, the IDF launched the operation to expose and neutralize terror tunnels Hezbollah has constructed along the Israel-Lebanon border since 2006, after years of intensive and careful planning. Map showing tunnel from Lebanon into Israel (Photo: IDF Spokesman's Office)The IDF said the latest tunnel is one of the most strategically important due to not only its location, but also in light of its size. "The tunnel was 800 meters long on its Lebanese side and infiltrated dozens of meters into Israel. The tunnel is two meters high, one meter in diameter, and approximately 55 meters deep," said the military. "Its equipped with railway tracks, steps carved into the rock, as well as electric power and lighting system."IDF exposes 6th Hezbollah tunnelכתובת דוא''ל של החברשמךכתובת הדוא''ל שלךנושא"All of the tunnels have been exposed and have either already been destroyed or are going to be destroyed," military spokesman Lieutenant-Colonel Jonathan Conricus told reporters."According to our assessments, there are no longer any tunnels crossing into Israel," he said, adding that Hezbollah retained some underground facilities on the Lebanese side. IDF works along Israel-Lebanon border (Photo: IDF Spokesperson's Unit)"Operation Northern Shield deprived Hezbollah of the unique offensive abilities it had built over the years as part of its planned attack on Israeli territory," the army also said. "The operation reflected advanced operational and intelligence technological capabilities and multi-stage detection of underground areas, which have developed even more over the past few weeks." Inside the exposed Hezbollah tunnel (Photo: IDF Spokesperson's Unit)The army said once the exposed tunnels have been neutralized, the IDF will begin the construction of the defensive barrier along the border. "Until the neutralization process is completed, the IDF will continue its defensive efforts on the border ... In addition, IDF troops and the underground detection laboratory will continue operating regularly along the Lebanese border," the army added. Reuters contributed to this story.
Spring Cleaning: Making Your House Shine
House cleaning is a job that's not typically met with much enthusiasm. Except, perhaps, in spring, when it signals the onset of warm, sunny weather. Still, nobody wants to prolong the task. With a few tips and a handful of multi-tasking products, there's no need to.Start by deciding whether you want to tackle it by room or by task (cleaning windows/dusting/floors and baseboards/bedding/organization). Plan a realistic schedule. I tend to spread the work over a two-week period, knowing that if I try to whip through the whole house in a weekend, I'll get tired and bored and start cutting corners.A good soundtrack helps. To get motivated, I'll throw on some Motown or classic rock, but my teenage son says I should go to Songza (songza.com), where I can get a theme-based playlist for any number of activities, including housework!Always start at the top of a space and work your way down. That means dusting ceilings, trim and light fixtures first. For this, try a Swiffer Duster - the puffy fluffy fibres that slide over flexible handles grabs dust, dust mites and pet dander, and can be used on delicate objects such as glass light fixtures and in tight spaces, such as between components on a media console, or in and around computer equipment.Don't forget the tops of doors and window frames. You can even use them on plants, which at this time of year, deserve a little TLC. A starter kit goes for about $5, while six-pack refills boxes sell for about $11 (swiffer.ca).Use the Swiffer Sweeper (about $12) with a dry cloth to wipe down ceilings, walls and door surfaces. Pop on a wet mop cloth for cleaning floors. Just don't use them on unfinished, oiled or waxed hardwood.My favourite spring cleaning task is window washing because it makes such a difference to the look of any space and allows more of the spring sunlight to flood through. Go old-school with vinegar and water and a pile of old newspapers, or use a multi-surface cleaner like Mr. Clean Spray Cleaner ($4 for 800ml, mrclean.ca), which also works well on sinks, ceramic tiles and appliances. Incidentally, several of these items now come with the scent of Gain.Now's the time to tackle built-up dirt or stains. For those tasks, Rubbermaid has just come up with the very clever Reveal Power Scrubber, which I saw during a recent product review (rubbermaid.com).This is a nifty battery-operated wand that holds brushes of various sizes. There are two scrubbing settings - pulse and continuous - and a watertight assembly means it can safely live near a sink in the bathroom, where it can be used on grout and grimy bathtub rings.In the kitchen, use it on the sink or stove top, or any hard to reach spot. I also used it very successfully to clean out the dried on gunk at the bottom of a glass vase. About $20 for the wand and $7 for accessory heads from Home Depot (homedepot.ca).The other stand-out product was Rubbermaid's new line of Bento storage boxes. I'll be the first to admit that Rubbermaid has always made very good bins, but the focus was on function rather than form.The Bento boxes are very attractive, made out of sturdy MDF and covered in durable polyester. Lid tops double as trays, and there are small fabric tabs in each of the boxes that can pop out to customize the interior storage space. They come in various sizes, with prices running from about $10 to $33. Available at Target (target.ca).Spring is a good time to tackle mould and mildew, which can not only damage your home, but can become a health hazard.The Canadian manufacturers of Concrobium (concrobium.com) have just launched new non-toxic mold-cleaning solutions. Concrobium Mold Stain Eraser (about $17) removes embedded mould stains on outdoor surfaces, including wood, siding, concrete and patio furniture. Inside, it can be used on drywall, stone, plastic, tile and grout. Also for indoors, try the Mold Control spray (about $10) in high-moisture areas to kill existing mould and prevent new mould from forming.Concrobium House and Deck Wash (about $14) is a bleach-free option for cleaning dirt and surface mould on outdoor surfaces. It comes in a bottle with a hose-end sprayer for use on houses, decks, patios, railings, fences and siding. Free of bleach, ammonia and VOCs, it's safe to use around plants, pets and people.If the thought of tackling the heavy outdoor chores - cleaning windows, siding, and gutters - seems like too much, consider calling a service just launched in Toronto called Men in Kilts (meninkilts.com/Toronto, 1-800-777-5458). These folks will do it for you while wearing kilts. I am not making this up.For more cleaning tips, go to thestar.blogs.com/onthehouse.More from Vicky Sanderson can be found on her community page at www.CasaGuru.com. Vicky is also the DIY editor for Reno & Decor magazine.
Polarized Light Is a Part of Nature, but Polarized Sound Is Not. Why?
Sound waves in gases are longitudinal pressure waves, which can not be polarised. Sound waves in solids can be wholly or partly transverse, so polarisation is possible.1. We speak English because of polarized light?Yes, our ancestors chose English because all other languages are randomly polarized. In modern times, American English is linearly polarized, and British English is circularly polarized2. Interference of polarized light?Waves can experience either constructive or destructive interference with other waves. Destructive interference is the type of interference which cancels out the waves involved. If the waves have the proper phase shift then they can have destructive interference.3. how might engineers use polarized light and the elastic property of plastic to design better & safer products?well, I am not sure what polarized light is, but the elastic property of plastic could help so the product will bend instead of shatter flying sharp pieces everywhere therefore not cutting anyone/anything4. Jones formalism for calculating quarter waveplate angle for circular polarized lightHints:Now you can try to build the required matrix (see first point above) from a quarter waveplate and rotations, which will solve the problem5. How do Optically Active Compounds Rotate Plane Polarized Light?I generally agree with the above answer. But I can explain the same by simpler words IMHO.Linear polarization may be expressed as a superposition of two opposite circular polarizations. And the polarization direction depends on the phase difference of the two circular polarizations. In simple words: imagine a situation where you add two vectors that rotate with the same angular velocity in different directions, both having the same amplitude. Their sum is the vector that oscillates in a constant direction. Imagine now a coil spring. Note that it looks the same when you turn it. Hence If you take a "heap" of such springs, each pointing in a random direction, still they all exhibit a sort of an anisotropy. This is chirality.If a circularly-polarized EM field propagates through the media consisting of such "springs" - it's likely that the interaction will be different for right/left handed polarizations.Imagine that the interaction is elastic. Effectively this "slows down" the EM wave, however two circularly-polarized components are affected differently. Hence, after passing through the media, the phase difference of the two components will change. Hence the superposition of those two components will still be linearly-polarized, but the direction will change6. Is "non-polarized” light made up of equal amounts of circularly polarized clockwise and counter-clockwise light?Is "non-polarized" light made up of equal amounts of circularly polarized clockwise and counter-clockwise light, the way it's made up of equal amounts of horizontally and vertically polarized light?Yes, this is precisely correct. For any pair of mutually-orthogonal polarizations (be they linear, circular, or elliptical), unpolarized light contains equal amounts of both members of the pair.That said, though, be careful with this:since circular polarizers are actually the combination of a linear polarizer and a quarter-wave filterThat's not the case. The LPQWP combination is the easiest way we (humans) have available to make circular polarizers, but that does not mean that that's what they "are"7. polarized light?Light has to be filtered to be polarized. Some sunglasses are polarized. They have tiny slits that let only light which wavelengths travel with its axis parallel with the slits in the fliter. If you take two polarizing filters with slits 90 to each other this blocks almost all the light. to answer your question. None of the above light is polarized unless it has passed through a polarizing filter8. physics problem polarized light, different mediums. any suggestions? thnx!?this may well be a good question. usual mild is not Polarized and radiates in ALL instructions yet while mild is Polarized approximately seventy 5% of the finished mild is blocked whilst ninety 9% of the mild this is interior the polarizing Len's attitude would be exceeded on. So 25% is the likely answer. liquid crystal exhibit's and different "Optical" contraptions that use Polarization count greater on "assessment" than finished mild transmission. ;-)9. Interference of polarized lightYes. In fact, light will only interfere with light of the same polarization. If you take a Mach-Zehnder interferometer, for example, and put a polarization rotating optic (a waveplate) in one of the arms, the interference pattern will lose contrast. If the polarization is rotated 90 degrees, the pattern will vanish completely.
When I Switch on My Lenovo Ideapad S10-3 It Doesnt Show Anything on Display. but the First Two Led L
Oh my god. NOW i ultimately get Why my buddy's fool ex-lady friend LOVES this band! obviously its the Genius of the lyrics! "I see your face when I close my eyes, and there ai not no position like between your thighs" NO WAIT! i found ONE i love extra proper! "you are contained in the Taj Mahal, i am outdoors huge Ben that is using me around the bend!" finished genius! You Brits must have built a number of monuments and bestowed a knighthood on that magnificent lyricist and singer, Justin Hawkins! carry your head extreme, Mr. Tambourine guy! he's extremely one among your nationwide treasures. became that sarcastic adequate for you? bq: i will't also be sarcastic with that question. I had someone attempt to inform me that, and that i became purely no longer amused, i will positioned it that way1. 3com baseline switch 2024 error - LED lights all on!!?It's probably broken. What does the instruction manual say? If you do not have one maybe you can download it from 3com.com2. What kind of battery would work best with 3mm LED lights in a very compact space?Solution 1: run very thin black wires down the wand and down the person's sleeve, to any power source you like. Solution 2: get hearing-aid or watch batteries, and put 2 or 3 in series. That wo not last too long, though. If the wand is long enough, you could use 2 or 3 AAA batteries, which would last a long time. Solution 3: add the glow digitally afterwards with your video editing program.3. my pc shows drives H, I, J, K but not detects memory card,but two led lights glowing . please help me.?are you so sure that drives H, I, J, K are NOT the memory card slots??? They are on most computers4. Are LED lights enough to help plant growth?Is it far red light? Than no. It needs to be red light5. Is it wise to run 4 led lights at 20mA each to a 9 volt battery without a resistor.I know you can but should u?LED's are current operated devices. In your case you are depending on the internal resistance of the battery to limit the current. This resistance is not a reliable limit since it depends on temperature, condition of the battery and load. This would be considered a very poor design. Here is an idea. Measure the current and include a resistor to achieve the rated current6. Will my led lights blind or hurt my common goldfishes?If you have albino goldfish or the ones that are translucent bodied, bright light could hurt them. Regular goldfish would be fine. Because you are lighting from the bottom, the light is already diffused by traveling through the aquarium base, instead of entering from the top. For centuries, the "common" goldfish was good enough for Chinese emperors, and except for exaggerated finnage and eyes, the goldfish depicted in old Chinese art more closely resemble today's common goldfish than they do the modern globular and multi-tailed fancy goldfish.7. Is there any way I can install LED lights inside my car without going through the firewall?The DLC (data link connector) should not be used. Provide the year make and model of the car and we will find a good spot for power.8. How to Install LED lights in footwell of a car?My schematic shows an orange wire and a white wire for that circuit (dimming dome lamp). You should be able to get at the orange wire right at the BCM (body control module) for your courtesy lamp voltage supply and then ground teh other wire to a good solid ground. If you do not want to do that, just fish a pair of wires up through the headliner and down the door post to get to your kick panels.9. How can I install a switch to power a bathroom TV off safely and discreetly?So it's been ages since this question was first asked and I've only just managed to get round to wiring this up. I went for an infra-red motion sensor switch. This has been placed up in the loft, with the motion sensor placed discretely under the frame in which the TV sits, so that it is out of sight. The actual switch unit is in the loft space and is wired such that when activated, the power to the TV DC adaptor is powered on and the TV then comes on. It works really well, with the TV not just going into standby mode when the sensor detects motion, but coming on fully. The only thing left for me to do really is add an additional speaker in the ceiling, which I will do in due course as the built in speakers in the TV are very tinny, but for now, this is complete. Here is a photo of the wall with the TV on:Thanks for your answers and in particular, that illuminated with LED lights, as the swipe of hand over the sensor at the side of it
Should Fat People Be Running in a Sports Bra and Spandex?
I would never make fun of someone in spandex who is trying to lose weight and look after themselves. It's counter productive for that person. After all they are trying to lose weight to be worthy of wearing stuff like that. But be aware that wearing spandex is a privilege not a right. So try and wear it with some dignity by covering your front and rear with a long top or shorts.1. Does physical exercise (running, sports, working out) and things like that make your brain healthier, better and stronger?YES! Regular physical exercise makes human brain more creative as well as relief stress more as campare to lazier people, exercise keeps mentally and physically stronge. It is best remedy to get rid of depression2. Why am I called a slut when I go running in a sports bra and shorts?Because people are judgemental. Depending on where you live this could be for a number of reasons.If you live in a religious country they may have beliefs which deem a woman exposing too much skin as immoral. Although such religious people should also follow their own teachings about respect and treatment of others. In non religious countries it may just be stereotypes and prejudices that cause people to think that. I've found that jealousy and insecurities are often the reason men and women behave like this.If it's a woman they may feel that you look good whereas they are not as comfortable in their own skin to dress the same or that they think that you dress that way for attention rather than comfort. If it's men, often it's because they find you attractive and can not handle that they have such feelings (they blame you for their own feelings).But in all honesty do not let it get to you, dress how you feel comfortable and do not let others negative opinions shape how you live your life.Why am I called a slut when I go running in a sports bra and shorts?.3. Is it gross to go running in a sports bra?i do not think there is anything wrong with that be aware of pedo guys though i run out side shirtless, i am a guy (no 6 pack yet but not chubby anymore)4. is it inappropriate for a 15 year old to go running in a sports bra?Do what you want. Remind your parents at least you are not running around topless in short shorts, and at least you are not some fat slob that does nothing. But still, if you can not convince them, you may as well listen to them.5. What are some good hairstyles for running/sports?messy bun and pre wrap head band is the way to go....dont cut it to short if you get it cut its hard to deal with6. Should fat people be running in a sports bra and spandex?Sports Bra And Spandex7. Would it discust you if I went running in a sports bra and spandex?No not all. Run in whatever you feel comfortable. If people say something to you, just say "I do not see you running in this hot weather?"8. Running in a sports bra without a shirt?activities bras are designed to restrict (for loss of a extra useful be conscious) the breasts and decrease risky bouncing and jolting, which ultimately breaks down the supportive shape in the breast ideal to sagging, etc. A C cup is unquestionably too great to forego ideal help9. How long does it take for three mild bulging lumbar disks to heal? implications of running/sports after known?Rob, the picture for this is mixed. At your age the blood supply to the disc is still present and that will help heal the disc walls. Since you have a rather specific diagnosis there is an assumption that MRI scanning was done. You are still going to grow and hopefully as you grow this condition will improve. Here is a simple anatomy lesson to help you understand what is going on. The disc sits between 2 bones called vertebrae. The disc is held in place by rather strong and wide ligaments until you get down into the area of L3-4-5. At those levels the posterior ligament gets narrower and allows an exit point on either side of the ligament. It is in these spaces that the bulges occur. The disc itself is made up like a radial tire in that the walls of the disc are multiple, at least 18 and in many cases higher, with each wall being designed to withstand a specific stress. These walls are called the annulus fibrosis. Inside of these walls is a thick fluid material that is much like yogurt in consistency. In the very center is a hard core material much like a ball bearing. This nucleus does not move but does act as a point of shifting or fulcrum. When you are in a good sitting, standing, or walking posture the vertebrae are aligned in such a way as to keep the fluid material towards the front of the disc or towards your belly. This places the stress away from the weakened or open areas and into the strong ligament at the front of the disc. When you bend over the opposite happens and the fluid material moves backwards and pushes against the walls. With enough pressure from the fluid it pushes against the inner most wall and can crack it. Once one wall has been compromised it allows a channel to be formed that will allow this fluid to enter it again and again. It is this process that deteriorates that wall and allows entry into the next and so forth. With a bulge what happens is that some of the walls have been compromised while others hold. So a bulge forms forcing the walls outward. What you need to do at this stage is to get a referral to a physical therapist. They will work with you on posture, strength, and flexibility. They will also work with you on stabilizing the fluid material in the disc influencing it back away from the bulge. You will be taught how to do this yourself. Posture is going to become so very important to you for when you have poor posture it will cause the fluid material to push against the weakened walls creating more pain. So the sooner that you get to a physical therapist the faster this process will occur
Debt Collection Company?
well they ccccccan try harrassing you on your job not allowed,and they try calling your neighbours,they yell and berate you as if it were their own porsonal money.won't listen to any afforable payment arrangements and basically call you daily several times a day....hang up..hang up....hang up....if you need to do the bankruptcy thing..then they will be notified and they are no longer allowed to contact you....the harrassment can go on for months.tell them not to contact you at work and if they persist you can charge them...get new unlisted # at home ,and decide how you;ll remedy the debt.you don't HAVE to listen to them abuse you on the phone hang up each time...I swear one guy was going in to work early just to get me at home at 7.30 am!!that also not allowed...he loved his job...solved now .but they can sure be abusive• Related Content of collectionThe collection of John DeLucaPaintings&Franois Boucher, Portrait of a child with a hat, 18th centuryMax Koner, Portrait of Emperor Wilhelm II of Germany, 1904Pedro Campaa, The Seven Virtues, ca. 1550Alonzo Cano, John the Evangelist gives the communion to the Virgin, 17th centuryJuan Carreo de Miranda, Queen Mariana of Austria, 1673Attributed to Piero di Cosimo, Portrait of a boy, ca. 1500Attributed to Piero di Cosimo, The Virgin, child Jesus and John the Baptist, ca. 1500Lucas Cranach the Elder, Adam and Eve, 1530Henri Decaisne, Odalisque, first half of the 19th centuryGaudenzio Ferrari, Hieronymus, first half of the 16th centuryFrans Hals, Unknown man, 1634Jean-Auguste-Dominique Ingres, The child Saint John the Baptist, 19th centuryFederico de Madrazo, Woman in White, 1859Circle of Jan Matsys, Madonna and Child, 16th centuryMaster of the Tiburtine Sibyl, The resurrection of Lazarus, ca. 1480Abraham Mignon, Still life, second half of the 17th centuryParmigianino, Holy Family, first half of the 16th centuryPietro Perugino, Virgin and Child crowned by two angels, first quarter of the 16th centuryPontormo, Virgin and Child, 16th centuryJoaquim Sorolla, Mending nets, 1901Bernardo Strozzi, Francis of Assisi, 17th centuryAnthony van Dyck, Head of a Bearded Man, first half of the 17th centuryJoris van Son, Still life with vegetables and fruit, 1661Francisco Zurbarn, Supper at Emmaus, 17th centurySculpturesJames Pradier, BacchanteAuguste Rodin, The call to armsMiguel E. Schulz, DianaManuel Vilar, Charles BorromeoOtherFlemish tapestry Battle, from the 17th century------Looney Tunes Golden Collection: Volume 5 of hook & eye fastenersLooney Tunes Golden Collection: Volume 5 is a Looney Tunes collection on DVD. Following the pattern of one release each year of the previous volumes, it was released on October 30, 2007.The four discs in this collection are devoted to themes and subjects the cartoons in each disc have in common. The first disc consists entirely of cartoons starring the two top stars of Warner cartoons, Bugs Bunny and/or Daffy Duck. The second disc consists entirely of cartoons which lampoon fairy tales. The third disc consists entirely of cartoons either directed or co-directed by Bob Clampett. The fourth disc titled "Early Daze" features rarely seen cartoons from the 1930s and early 1940s which were made in black-and-white.Continuing a pattern which began with Looney Tunes Golden Collection: Volume 3, the DVD set has a warning in the beginning of each disc that states that some of the cartoons contain ethnic and racial stereotypes that may be offensive to modern audiences; however, like the fourth volume, the warning is shown on a title card rather than done as a special introduction.This volume did not sell as well as the previous volumes did, mainly due to the slump of the country's economy at this point, and partly due to stiff competition from DVD release of rival studio Pixar's Ratatouille. As a result, it was decided that both this and Volume 6 release outside of North America would be delayed/not occur. Eventually, the fifth volume was released on April 18, 2011 in Region 2 UK.------Meola Reef of collection agencyMeola Reef, or Te Tokaroa in Mori ('toka''rock', 'roa''long'), is a lava flow forming a reef peninsula across part of Auckland's Waitemata Harbour, New Zealand. The reef extends for over 2 kilometres across the harbour, to within 500 metres of Kauri Point on the northern shore.The reef was formed more than 28,000 years ago from the final portion of an 11 kilometre lava flow that originated from Mount Saint John volcano. Until 2008 it was believed the lava had flowed from Te Tatua-a-Riukiuta volcano, but geochemical analyses that year revealed that the lava matched that of Mount Saint John. The route of the lava flow had been disguised by Maungawhau / Mount Eden, which had later erupted through it.The reef is easily seen in the west from the Auckland Harbour Bridge at low tide, when much of it lies exposed. The best viewpoint is at Kauri Point, the headland to the east of Kendall Bay. The portion of the reef close to shore is covered by mangroves, and further out the rocks are covered by rock oysters, then bare. Strong footwear is needed to walk on the lava.Located between the Point Chevalier and Westmere suburbs and protecting the calm waters of Coxs Bay, it was the site of the city's tip for many years. This has now been capped and replaced by a 15 ha public reserve, with mangrove swamps in the streams and tidal salt marshes either side.In the 1970s, plans for a Second Harbour Crossing from the reef to Birkenhead were shelved after public outcry.------Geography of Sri Lanka of collection agencyGeography of Sri LankaSri Lanka is: an island countryLocation:Northern Hemisphere and Eastern HemisphereIndian Oceanbetween the Laccadive Sea and the Bay of BengalEurasiaAsiaSouth AsiaIndian subcontinent (off the coast of India, on the same continental shelf)Time zone: Sri Lanka Time (UTC05:30)Extreme points of Sri LankaHigh: Pidurutalagala 2,524m (8,281ft)Low: Indian Ocean 0 mLand boundaries: noneCoastline: Indian Ocean 1,340kmPopulation: 20,277,597 (2012) - 57th most populous countryArea: 65,610km2Atlas of Sri LankaEnvironment of Sri LankaEnvironment of Sri LankaClimate of Sri LankaEnvironmental issues in Sri LankaEcoregions in Sri LankaRenewable energy in Sri LankaProtected areas of Sri LankaBiosphere reserves in Sri LankaNational parks of Sri LankaWildlife of Sri Lanka(Flora & Fauna)Birds of Sri LankaMammals of Sri LankaNatural geographic features of Sri LankaBeaches in Sri LankaIslands in Sri LankaMountains in Sri LankaRivers in Sri LankaWaterfalls in Sri LankaList of World Heritage Sites in Sri LankaRegions of Sri LankaEcoregions of Sri LankaList of ecoregions in Sri LankaEcoregions in Sri LankaAdministrative divisions of Sri LankaAdministrative divisions of Sri LankaProvinces of Sri LankaDistricts of Sri LankaProvinces of Sri LankaProvinces of Sri LankaCentral ProvinceEastern ProvinceNorth Central ProvinceNorthern ProvinceNorth Western ProvinceSabaragamuwa ProvinceSouthern ProvinceUva ProvinceWestern ProvinceDistricts of Sri LankaDistricts of Sri LankaKandy DistrictMatale DistrictNuwara Eliya DistrictAmpara DistrictBatticaloa DistrictTrincomalee DistrictAnuradhapura DistrictPolonnaruwa DistrictJaffna DistrictKilinochchi DistrictMannar DistrictMullaitivu DistrictVavuniya DistrictKurunegala DistrictPuttalam DistrictKegalle DistrictRatnapura DistrictGalle DistrictHambantota DistrictMatara DistrictBadulla DistrictMoneragala DistrictColombo DistrictGampaha DistrictKalutara DistrictDemography of Sri LankaDemographics of Sri Lanka------Role in the Cuban revolution of collection agencyAfter the Fulgencio Batista coup in 1952, he became involved with the 26th of July Movement headed by Fidel Castro. He co-edited the underground newspaper Revolucin in Havana, taking responsibility for public information. One article in particular reported the landing of the Granma and confirmed that Castro was safe in the Sierra Maestra. For this he was jailed and tortured by the police. Upon his release, he went into exile first in Mexico and then in Florida, but was soon drafted by Castro into the Sierra Maestra to continue work on Revolucin and also on Radio Rebelde, the guerilla movement's clandestine radio station.pageneededUpon the success of the Cuban Revolution in 1959, he was placed in charge of Revolucin, which became an official organ of the government. During his tenure as editor, he maintained a degree of independence from the official line and emphasized the arts and literature, launching the literary supplement Lunes de Revolucin, which was directed by Guillermo Cabrera Infante and featured high quality work by Cuban and international authors. His position allowed him to travel extensively outside of Cuba. During his European travels, he met artists and intellectuals, including Pablo Picasso, Mir, Calder, Jean-Paul Sartre, Simone de Beauvoir, and Julio Cortzar. A significant number of these artists traveled to Cuba. One of the most memorable visits was that of Sartre and Simone de Beauvoir.Franqui had frequent disagreements with the government, which eventually led to his resignation from "Revolucin" in 1963. The paper was closed a few months later.when? After his resignation, Franqui dedicated himself to art projects. In 1967 he organized the Saln de Mayo exhibit in Havana, where many of the world's leading artists were represented.------Scope of the Collection of document camerasAs noted above, the Gurneys and Normans photographed a very wide variety of subjects. Perhaps the most significant portions of the collection are the images of scores of steamboats that proved vital to the region's economic recovery in the decades of Reconstruction and the subsequent prosperity that sustained Natchez as one of Mississippi's most important cities well into the twentieth century. Despite their familiarity and importance to commerce in mid-continent America throughout the Victorian and Edwardian era, many of these vessels were never captured on negatives or film, and the Normans photographs remain, in some cases, the only surviving images of them, especially since steamboats were notoriously prone to natural or man-made disasters and might only last a few years or less.A similar charge might be made about much of the built environment of Natchez that has been subject to dramatic change during the twentieth century. Much of the surviving visual documentation of commercial and residential buildings in and around Natchez lost to alterations, demolition, or disasters can be found in the Norman Studio's production. Included in this must also be the visual documentation of the former city of Bayou Sara, Louisiana, south of Natchez, now virtually abandoned in favor of the higher ground of St. Francisville after repeated floods made habitation along the river's course impracticable.The Normans and Gurneys documented all facets of life in and around Natchez. Their surviving output includes diverse subject matter from panoramic views of the town taken from the steeple of St. Mary's (Catholic) Cathedral (now a minor basilica), to parties aboard barges and steamboats on the Mississippi River, to storefronts, to workers hauling cotton and other harvested crops to market, to ordinary street activity and gamblers playing card games.------Art collection "depot VBVR" of amsterdamIn 1965, Van Beijeren and Van Ravesteijn (VBVR) began putting together a collection of contemporary art. The history of the collection, which was later dubbed "Depot VBVR", largely coincided with that of the Art & Project gallery and magazine.The emphasis lay on Conceptual Art, Land Art and Minimal Art. Artists that were represented in the collection included Alan Charlton, Francesco Clemente, Adam Colton, Tony Cragg, Ad Dekkers, Ger van Elk, Barry Flanagan, Gilbert & George, Richard Long, Keith Milow, Juan Muoz, Nicholas Pope, Peter Struycken, David Tremlett, Richard Venlet, Carel Visser and Leo Vroegindeweij.The largest part of the collection, approximately a thousand works, has been gradually handed over to the Rijksmuseum Twenthe in Ensched. Other Dutch museums that received loans from the Van Beijeren-Van Ravesteijn collection are: the Gemeentemuseum in The Hague, the Museum Boijmans van Beuningen in Rotterdam and the Krller-Mller Museum in Otterlo. In 2008, after the death of Geert van Beijeren, the Museum of Modern Art in New York City received a collection of some 230 prints, books, posters, photographs and other ephemera from Art & Project co-founder Adriaan van Ravesteijn. The gallery's archives and the owners' personal archives are kept at the Netherlands Institute for Art History (RKD).In 2009 the Museum of Modern Art staged an exhibition entitled "In & Out of Amsterdam", drawing largely on the Van Ravesteijn-Van Beijeren bequest.Gift to the Krller-Mller MuseumIn 2013 Van Ravesteijn donated a significant part of the Art & Project collection to the Krller-Mller Museum. This donation contained over 200 works of art, mostly sculptural works by Dutch artists such as Ger van Elk, Jos Kruit, Carel Visser and Leo Vroegindeweij, and international artists as Carl Andre, Adam Colton, Tony Cragg, Barry Flanagan, Hamish Fulton, Richard Long, Andrew Lord, Juan Muoz, Willy rskov and Nicholas Pope.
Underboob Sweat!
Sorry if this is TMI (too much information) for some. I've never had this problem until now since my girls were always on the smaller side (until I had my second baby). Now that I have *ahem* much larger, more gravitationally-challenged breasts, I seem to have a problem battling the sweat they generate. And good grief, it's not just in the heat of the summer sun--I can work up a good sweat under there just changing the sheets on the kids' beds! It's gross and embarrassing, especially since I don't tend to generate much sweat anywhere else on my body. Does anyone have any good remedies for this? Is there a type of bra that will work better at combatting this problem (note: I won't wear a sports bra to work)? I've even thought about using antiperspirant under there, but it just seems like not a good idea all around. Perhaps if you have no solution, you could at least commiserate with me. I'd love to know I'm not alone!Mandy, mom to DSS Layne (14), Ethan (2), and Jessica(1)I don't even know where to begin to assess the value of Butt Heroin. (Thx RG!)I used to have that problem....a good push up bra helped ALOT.Are you a birth mother or considering? Join us at the birth mother's support group to talk to BTDT birth mothers and others in the process. Oh, thanks gals!! I am so glad I'm not the lone sweaty freak over here! I am making a mental list of things to try. And currently, I wear a non-underwire bra. Do you think that one with an underwire would be a better sweat-beater? I got used to my nursing bra on maternity leave and just couldn't go back to the underwire....but I will if I need to.Mandy, mom to DSS Layne (14), Ethan (2), and Jessica(1)I don't even know where to begin to assess the value of Butt Heroin. (Thx RG!)I agree with a good supportive and lightly padded bra. The problem I had with push up bras was that the under boob sweat became between the boob sweat. LOLJaneBSFG
Where Can I Buy Air Jordan 1 Online?
You can buy Air Jordan 1 from• Suggested ReadingCheaper alternatives to Nike Air Force ones?i would say some similar ones would be nike dunks, nike dunks sb, nike 6.0, nike air jordan 1's, and nike zoom.check out these sites:www.flightclubny.comwww.flightclubla.comthey should have what you are looking for.------If Air Jordan Fusion 4 has a nike sign in it, is it fake?yea it's a fake, the only part that should be Nike is it's Air Force 1 midsole. the remainder should be all Jordan.Here's a picture for reference------What Air Jordan's Should I get that come out in June? Retro 3 Blackcat or Retro 1 Alpha or The XX2 Omega?I like the third ones, I think the second ones are just.....blah. The first are OK.For all the people wondering....this is the link to that site.------The names of Michael Jordan shoes?Michael Jordan Shoes is dedicated to Michael Jordan, the man that changed the game and the shoes that bear his name. Michael Jordan and Nike started a basketball shoe revolution.------Where can I get real air Jordan 1s ?The Alpha 1s released like a month ago, but theyre sold out at Nike and Foot Locker. Try websites like JordanDepot.com because they only sell real Jordans and theyre pretty cheap------Air Jordan XX3 All Stars?Not sure, but i just want to say I am disappointed in the Air Jordan 23 shoe. I have the main retros that I like, however I just need the Air Jordan 1, 2 & 10------what shoes look better. jordans or air force 1, 10 points?I have ordered from them a great number of cases and performance not in any respect had a project, inspect there outlet shop, you'll locate some tremendous bargains on kicks there, i could propose ebay to me closest acquaintances/------How can i tell if my New Air Jordan 7 Retro in color Black/Black White is real?check on their official website and often if their real they will come with tags on them. my air jordans (that are real) came with two silver tags with the airjordan logo on it------should i buy the new space jam jordans or Jordan Retro 1 Alpha?Space Jam Here I'll sell em to ya for $80I like the RED------Where do you buy real Jordans ones?like the air jordan 1?If you want an og pair ebay's the only the way to go and they'll be like $2000.vintagekicks.com and pickyourshoes.com have some pairs of the retros.------What type of jordans are these ?Those are three different shoes. The pair in the background are the Bordeaux 7s. The red, blue and gold ones are FTLOTG Olympic 7s, the one on the right are the Hare 7s. Please choose me. :)------What kind of Air Jordans/Air force 1's should I get?Really you're kinda safe with any jordans, just dont get any funky colors! stick with white, black, grey, red.. those colors.or plain white hightop 1's, or the red,black,white ones they have out now..------Nike Air Force 1's at Finishline?I felt good getting out there and working. I was happy. And healthy for the first time in a long time. I enjoyed what I was doing. And things were going very well.------10 points for the best answer also lol?3 Days Grace We The Kings Secondhand Serenade All Time Low Anberlin attractive Is What We objective For perpetually The Sickest young infants solid Charlotte existence abode optimistically you will like a number of those bands (:------Where Can I By A Pair Of Air Jordan's Cheap In Jersey City?You don't want any Jordan's because if you did it shouldn't matter the price Jordan's are not cheap unless they are fake sorry ma try getting some pay less tenny shoes------what to match with my jordans?i think darker wash jeans with a orange shirt will look good.or you can wear an orange shirt with a black hoodie.just anything with orange to bring out the orange in the shoes------how should i wear my straps on my jordans?They are tennis shoes, no one except other girls will pay attention, and after a while they will get dirty and worn out. The important thing is to have the necessary accessories like personality, and a good nature------Where can I buy these jordans?try journeys or something. these are kinda similar :(:------Where can I buy an authentic pair of Air Jordan 1s?Truthfully go on EBay and seem for retro's however should you wanna get the four's i'd get my butt off the bed and dash right down to the nearest conclude line or foot locker this saturday------Air jordan 1 hi hof (hall of fame) - how long will they be sold?they're sold until they're sold out, it really depends on the popularity of the shoes, the highly popular ones will sell out in a week, these, I would give at least 5 months------what shoes should i buy, AIR jordans phly legends,retro1(CINCO),or the ajf 6?i recommend ajf 9 fusion black and white with the 23 on the side. retro 1 cinco n air jordans phly legens r kinda old. ajf 6 is newer but if your lookin for sumthin lik dat, jus get ajf 5 blue.------air jordans package release on DEC 26, 2008 in san francisco?noi just come 1 or 2 hours early went some air Jordan's come outthe longest i waited in line was 3 hours for some air jordans 5------Is toetoeshoes.com authentic? there some pretty cheap jordans?No, they are fakeYou would never find those for 85$ especially in so many sizesTry flightclub.com, thats where i get mines------who can tell me what the different between air force jordan and jordan fusion?Jordan fusions are a bunch of shoes from the Jordan series mixed together to create a shoe. Air Force Jordan are Air Force 1 mixed with a pair from the Jordan series------Where to find cool shoes and clothes in Calgary?It's advisable to buy online if you're not familiar to some stores in your place.If you're looking for Nike Air Jordan or Adidas, here are some sites that you could try.Good Luck!------Should I Get Air Jordan Retro 5's? 8's or 7's?7s....the black 5s are ugly as hell and 8s are just plain ugly..... if you want to get them for basketball then get 11s------i can get 2 pairs of shoes, what should I get??? please help?They are all getting them for factory, so it is relatively cheap.don't worry they are fake,they are really authentic jordan shoes.My jordans.Good quality!------what would look good with these black and yellow bmp jordan 1?a pair of midnight black skinnys and maybe a yellow tunic if ur a girl. and if ur a boy ummm jeans and a loose black shirtt with like a brand on it------Which shoes do you like better air jordans or air force 1's?I dont play basketball but I manage the basketball team at my school and all the really good players wear Air Jordans.(They're the hottest too ;) )Hope that helped a little.Best of Luck.------which air jordan shoe should i get?Get whatever YOU like better, they'll be on YOUR feet.Determine which ones you like more, think about the price and which one is the best deal (but make sure you still like the cheaper one aswell).------have you seen Hancock (the movie)?Yes I have and they sure look like the first air jordan to ever come out. In fact, the movie made me look for them, as I used to play on them when I was a kid------what website can i find authentic air jordan air force fuses for CHEAP?i don't think it would be cheap. authentics would cost a lot of money. i don't even think you can find those anymore not unless you have a neighbor who collects------WHERE will the air jordan hare 1 be released?you're stupid. Why on earth might you commerce a great pair of jordans for some Lebron footwear that pop out on a oftentimes used foundation? Do me and something of the international a choose and flow to sleep------new air jordan hare or flu game?I would say get,the new 12's, I dont really likethe hare Jordans.I like maybe the white & red 12's for you.I'm stuck on the purple & black ones personally.------Why is Michael Jordan overrated?STFU he's not overrated. and those guys haven't even finished their careers, so stfu about comparing them to anyone, wait until they're done, then compare to whoever you want------where can i find the air Jordan hares?you're stupid. Why on earth would you commerce an incredible pair of jordans for some Lebron footwear that pop out on a usual foundation? Do me and something of the international a desire and pass to sleep------Which do u like better....?Nike Air Force 1's or Jordans? Air Force 1'sMonica or Brandy? MonicaMcdonalds or Burger King? Burger KingNas or Jay-Z? NasMusic from the 90s or music now? 90sCats or dogs? Dogs------Where would I get paint to repaint my air Jordan vi infrareds , infrared part?Many our customers who has bought jordan shoes tell their friends to buy from our website.We can give our customers more discounts and free shipping when they make order online.Come to get this chance------Anyone know when these Jordan 1s are going to be released?You should try the website -I know they have a huge selection of authentic retro jordans, and then there's links to other sites with those 1s. That color scheme is SICK!!!!------where to buy air jordan 1 in the philippines?wow!air jordan 1's like a classic!i don't know man! it will be quite hard! it was like THE SHOE when i was still on 4th grade and that was some 13 years ago!------What are your favorite air jordans (1-xx3) of all time?www.authenticsforall.comi really liked the 18's and 17's the all black with snake skins and the 13's were kooolthis website has great kicks thats where i get my jays from its www.authenticsforall.com------Need help on picking shoes?air jordan retro 1s - old love, new lovesair jordan retro III - fire reds, DTRTair jordan retro IV - mars, militaryair jordan retro Vair jordan spizikesmy favorite pairs!------Please rate my favorites on a scale 1-10?Callie Breanne: 9/10Calista Joy: 3/10Ariana Charlotte: 5/10Abigail Victoria: 8/10Savannah Elle: 9/10Kristen Alexa: 9/10Kaelin Alexandra: 9/10Hazel Charlotte: 8/10Adelaide Joy: 8/10Cora Brielle: 2/10Jordan Brielle: 2/10Jordana Brielle: 9/10Lily Samantha: 10/10Lily Alexandra: 7/10Katie Isabelle: 8/10Halina Breanne: 9/10Halina Juliette: 3/10Montana Elle: 4/10Delilah Juliette: 2/10------does any one know a website for chear jordans or cheap airforce 1???Hi there.. are those nikes? if you're talking about air jordans, there's a lot in here..they ship worldwide by the way. Thanks!------New shoes (Prefer jordans or nike air force 1)?jordans will always top air force 1s and if you want the newest the space jams (retro 11s) come out today 12 23 09.also good shoes are the rising suns and flu games both jordan retro 12s------What should I buy? Jordans or Shirts?I think the sneakers, unless you have a lot of them and don't really need it. Sneakers last longer than shirts do, so that's why I say get those------Sneakers? Where can i get some cool kicks?Footlocker, DSW shoes, If there is a mall close to your location and you shop there sometimes, go there, explore the mall a little, you will have a lot of choices there, and LOTS of stores------Jordans or Air Force 1's, which is better?I actually have ordered from them different situations and performance not in any respect had a concern, look into there outlet save, you'll hit upon some great deals on kicks there, i'd recommend ebay to me closest friends/------JORDAN SHOES NAMING HELP ?Yeah finding on the internet handle that u published says that it getting them from china, so that's maximum probable that the call of them are knock-off's or unlawful to purchase in different words------what jordan shoes look sick?umm, your gay point is very cool!!!There, you can go to this shop, they sell many likes gay jordan shoes...May be you like it!!umm,hope i can help you!!!------Good basketball shoes to recommend?adidas Pro Model, the ultimate fundamental shoe, it takes care of everything, nothing fancy, just solid protection, in a very solid performance shoe.Air Jordan shoes aren't great basketball shoes anymore, plus they're WAY too expensive.------
What Are Some of the Ways a Tail Light Fuse Could Blow Out?
Weak fuse. Barred wire rubbing on metal. Trailer light plug connectors corroded. Water in tail lights.1. What is the best/brightest tail light for a bicycle?Hands down, DiNotte. Of course it cost $200! Yikes.2. If you were pulled over by the police (you have a burned out tail-light you didnu2019t know you had), you have no warrants, no drugs in the car, not sure why youu2019re being pulled over, would you consider, literally, running from the police?Why would I want to do something stupid like that? I do not have many problems with police, and guess what? I not only have spare fuses, I have spare tail and turn signal/brake light bulbs. I can change one in minutes, thank him for the heads-up, and be on my way. Fixing the fault pleases them. When I fill the gas tank, or get ready for a road trip, I check all my lights. Only takes a minute. Run from cops=felony. Be as stupid as you want.3. how do i rewire my 1974 xl175 honda to run with no battery but still have lights?Whats an XL175? I've heard of CB and CD175 twin cylinder bikes but the only XL single was either 125 or 185 and it had direct lighting for headlights with battery being used for tail light, brake light and direction indicators. You will either have to use a capacitor or a battery eliminator with your desired set up or you will be blowing bulbs as rpm increases and voltage rises4. Tail Light Tinting Around Oklahoma City Or Edmond?Free Red Flag, if no one will tint the lights it must be illegal to do it. Check your auto parts store, does it have those tinted masks for tail lights.If they carry them they can be ordered for your car. If not then it is definatly illegal in OK5. Where can i find tail light covers for my 2005 mercedes c230 kompressor (Hatchback)?You do realize that taillight covers will make you much more likely to get pulled over, as they are illegal in many jurisdictions?? AND they will increase the chance that you will be rear-ended because people can not see your brake lights very well?? Also, they look juvenile, stupid, and very low-class - especially on a Benz.6. rear tail light passenger side?Did you check the bulb. Many automotive bulbs have 2 filaments. One is is for the regular light and one for brakes. Neither has power at the same time so if your bulb goes out when you press the brakes, it's likely that the brake filament has burned out but the regular one has not7. i am looking for 2006 jeep grand cherokee laredo tail light covers in smoke black....?Did you check Ebay? They usually have everything. I found front headllights for my Grand Cherokee8. NINJA 250 2009. tail light does not work?I would bet you need to change the bulb. The tail light and the brake light are two separate elements in the bulb so the brake light could come on but not have a tail light or Viceversa. As far as the brake light not coming on when you use the rear brake, that could be the switch on the brake pedal. Use an ohm meter to check the switch and the bulb, replace as necessary.9. Scratch and broken tail light estimate seems ridiculous?this could very well be the price, on most cars you can not just replace the red lens you have to replace the entire assembly. also paint jobs are not cheap. Have look at the estimate and pass it on to your insurance company10. Why wont my tail light blink?check to make sure you have power and ground at the light socket. If not follow the wires forward and you will find the problem. A fast blink is an open in the circuit. Just like when a bulb burns out it blinks faster.11. What can I do about this chipped tail light?The link shows the aftermarket listings. You can get new OEM at any Ford dealer. (they usually cost more) There should be a part number molded into it somewhere. (Maybe AR3Z13405B ) You can search by that number. It will come as a complete new assembly. .Or ignore it.
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